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Crab dishes are expensive! Does to seem? We try crab of high quality hard at fair price.

Procedure of reservation

  • STEP1
    We input reservation contents
    You input reservation contents, and, after checking contents, please transmit.
    ※Please set to receive email from PC.
  • STEP2
    Reception desk email
    Inquiry reception desk email arrives.
    ※Reservation has not been yet completed.
  • STEP3
    We confirm request
    Shop identifies request contents,
    By telephone or email reservation
    I can accept or will inform.
  • STEP4
    Reservation decision
    When there is communication of decision in STEP3,
    Please come to shop on the day.

It is inquiry contents reservation

  • Classification ※Essential
  • The date and time you like
    Year MON SUN Day   Time Share ...

    ※Please input reservation by all means.
    ※We do reservation from this form until five days ago.
     We would like reservations from today to four days later on the telephone.
    ※Late one treats as cancellation for 30 minutes.
    ※Please contact on change, cancellation of reservation by all means.
    ※Reservations from this form will be made 5 days in advance.
     Please make reservation by phone after 4 days from today.
    ※Those who are 30 minutes late will be treated as cancellation.
    ※Please contact us when changing / canceling reservation.

  • Adult
    The name
  • Child
    The name
  • kei
    The name
  • ※Please input sex and age of child.
  • Inquiry contents

Visitor information

  • Name ※Essential
    Family name  The name 

    ※Please input in Japanese or English.

  • Furigana
    Family name  The name 
  • Group name (company name)
  • Phone number ※Essential
    (input example :xxxx-xx-xxxx)

    ※If there is time when it is not answered telephone, please fill out inquiry contents.

  • E-mail ※Essential
    (input example :XXXX@example .com)
  • E-mail (confirmation) ※Essential
    ※Please input for confirmation again.

    ★In the case of notification (long sentence) of reservation reconfirmation, reservation, we call in particular by email from our restaurant when there is not request.
    Please be careful about e-mail address refusal setting from address or PC of cell-phone.

About privacy policy

Mitsuru (called us as follows) observes protection of privacy, laws and regulations about personal information and establishes the following basic policies.
(1)We limit personal information that we acquired to range necessary for duties within the use purpose and use.
(2)We try for appropriate management not to make any loss, manipulation, leak of information occurring on dealing with personal information.
(3)We act that each one recognizes the importance by our publicizing this policy to employee, and being thorough and wrestles.
(4)We observe various laws and ordinances, rules about protection of personal information and try for review, improvement as needed