It is specialty store - Hyousetsu-no-mon in Sapporo
Store specializing in Sapporo eels - corner shop
Sapporo Susukino bar - Sapporo native

Store specializing in eels corner shop

●In our restaurant, we provide thing which is direct from the field, and the stocking, cook of all our restaurant tear domestic eel which we select carefully and gave life to, and cooked rearing pond mainly from Shizuoka, Miyazaki, Kagoshima.

It is consecutive and does business without break during until August 19 from July 9.

※Please note that Hitsumabushi set and grilled skewer stop on account of the training on the day of the Ox and the next day.
※There is that we do not accept reservation of seat to avoid confusion when shop is crowded. We would appreciate your permitting.

Corner shop eel communication (July, 2018 issuance)
Story that corner shop eel has never met

●Corner shop recommended popularity best 3!

2, Minami-4-jonishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi innards hot pot building 1F
Reservation, inquiry TEL: 011-531-1581
[business hours]
From 11:00 p.m. to 15:30 (LO15:00)
From 16:30 p.m. to 24:00 (LO23:30)
It is consecutive and does business for from 11:00 to 22:00 (LO21:30) on Sunday/Holiday.
Always without holiday
"We take a rest on New Year's Day. " (please refer to store at the year-end and New Year closing time)

Unaju (with one of them, liver kyu, pickle) 2,620 yen (tax-excluded)

Hitsumabushi set (with thin soup arm, pickle) 2,720 yen (tax-excluded)
※Hitsumabushi set stops on account of the training on the day of the Ox and the next day.

Middle percent bowl 1,790 yen (tax-excluded)
(eel enters between 1/2 tail plus Rice with Japanese soup, pickle)

●Other menus (tax-excluded)

Eel bowl 1,600 yen Set meal 2,150 yen
Matsushige 2,150 yen This kabayaki 2,300 yen
*ju 3,030 yen Will and others ware 2,380 yen

●Buy to go; Home-coming gift (the following prices are tax-included)

■With Rice ■No Rice
Fortune lunch 3/4 tail 2,140 yen One salary kabayaki 2,470 yen
One salary lunch 2,630 yen One Kotobuki kabayaki and a half 3,500 yen
One Kotobuki lunch and a half 3,600 yen *kaba* two 4,650 yen
*bento two 4,750 yen
※We can offer at designated time when you can make a reservation beforehand.

●Information for corner shop and long-term parking lot

※Parking lot which we show around here is "corner shop long-term parking lot". It is available in "customer one hour free of charge of Dinner". Attention: Customer using Hyousetsu-no-mon is not available.

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