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We give important person enjoying taste of Hyousetsu-no-mon at home


Another December.

I am sorry absent ... by update of news for a long time.
It is these days to feel to be still earlier that time passes in no time in December.

There was the prohibition of fishing, and hair crab of flower arrangement had a hard time every year in ... November for days pressed by procurement of hair crab, but it was and thought that what happened at one time, but, for these past two months, shortage of goods state was able to ride out this year from the end of October without running out somehow.
Remarkable rise that we cannot believe price. Hair crab does not use live shika, but Hyousetsu-no-mon. It was two months of thanks in what we were able to contribute to customer in the business other side.

Hair crab of this year has less unloading than last year and hair crab Festival of Muroran is called off and appears in place where influence is various.

Price becomes upward trend towards the end of the year, but can be pleased with customer without being out of stock.

★Reservations of customer from foreign countries increase. Acceptance of customer of group does not remain, but email reservations of personal customer increase remarkably. There is much hope of private room, but is the situation filled up immediately depending on day.
We recommend that we have seat be inferior in reservation earlier early.