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We give important person enjoying taste of Hyousetsu-no-mon at home


Close Golden Week

Weather to sweat when April is warm and it is cold and works at temperature of the middle of May today ... yesterday.
Night just five days ago is sleet, looking like snow.
... ... that this summer seems to be hot
Present Sapporo is the center of tire exchange. In the service station, waiting of tire exchange continues. Is hard to understand studless tire to local everybody who is not used, but is two times a year of classic events in snowy district. When we had you take tire storage in service station and dealers in these days, and time came, it became natural to take communication of the date and time of tire exchange. (of course charged). There is much home storage, too, but, in apartment, tire place is prepared for particularly other than trunk room. It was story of ... snowy district.

We think that long absent everybody comes from late April to May 6.
Status of Golden Week of Hyousetsu-no-mon is filled up from private room, too. We display status in reservation form, but space of seat may occur when on the day we go around 20:00 on day when we are displayed if full. After 20:00 of vacant seat confirmation when can call, is thankful.
A lot of crab prepares and looks forward to visit.

Sea end - drift ice of Okhotsk passes, and delicious hair crab arrives every day. Drift ice confines heavy plankton and is in a state that it is delicious from small fish to large-scale fish in food chain. It is said to hair crab that the sea end is delicious.