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We give important person enjoying taste of Hyousetsu-no-mon at home


When boil; order for Whole crab

We have sorting, boiling freeze king crab living in company of Alaska contracting as for the crab of height of steamed whole king crab using in Hyousetsu-no-mon rapidly and send.
We have time on full day to have customer have this crab most deliciously as the best defrosting is necessary.
It is not in a condition that taste declines when we defrost forcibly, and fiber of crab deteriorates, and to be satisfied.
Please we have understanding on this point and hope that you will have making a reservation at least one day ago.


Live hair crab revival!

Menu of Live hair crab which became stop yesterday (23rd) revived today.

Please appreciate fresh hair crab. We look forward to visit.


Announcement of seat and menu of June 23 and 24

★On Saturday, June 23, seat is filled up until 18-20:00. Guidance seems to be after 20:30.

★On Sunday, June 24, private room still has room, but please make a reservation early at seat.

★Announcement of menu of June 23 and 24
There is no arrival of Live hair crab. I'm very sorry, but, for two days, hair crab menu becomes stop. At this time, hair crab fishing is carried out (※ customer who had making a reservation beforehand offers.), but amount decreases in comparison with winter.
When the sea is stormy elsewhere, it becomes rest fishing. We performed securing of amount as much as possible in every day, but were not able to find today tomorrow. I'm sorry.