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We give important person enjoying taste of Hyousetsu-no-mon at home


Well! It is beginning in September.

It is Sapporo where hot day leads to day after day. How long does autumn wind blow? It is state of mind of this.
It is September from today. Seasonal course, seasonal lunch are change of dress. Until November 15
It is contents of this. Speaking of autumn, it is salmon in autumn. Eri expressed silver Saint o errand autumn of product, too.
Please enjoy. ★It is brand salmon said to be silver Saint ha 100 of 10,000. We are young, and live kinoii is delicious salmon.


Hot and humid day continues

Hokkaido of time when autumn wind blows when is usual, and is refreshed to where? It is 32 degrees Celsius, forecast that temperature, humidity also rise today at 27 degrees Celsius and ..., the end of next week that is more humid, and is hot and humid yesterday.
... without news that the United States, news of drought of Russia do not become wheat, price hike, news of corn, but others of Ginza parade of ..., the Olympics that gasoline rises all too soon are bright

Bright news of Hyousetsu-no-mon is to have words of "blue king crab was delicious" from customer who came.
Supplier of Nemuro sends selected blue king crab. There is thing that 1,4Kg is big inside which arrived yesterday and has you try hard toward the supplier.
We seem to be able to enjoy blue king crab as information until the end of September.


It is tray.

It is Sapporo where hot and humid day leads to. Sweat that guest room is cool, but the staff giving a service in kimono is large from sum! Is recent Sapporo humid? It is not refreshed heat.
Live blue king crab, today when we had favorable reception have become six remainder. There was order for blue king crab from lunch yesterday and had you please with all of you very much. There is no today's arrival. We will enter from Nemuro tomorrow.
We have you please with Live hair crab, but you do not have to worry as there is this to water tank a lot!
We think that there are many people going home at the Bon Festival. As you are open without taking a rest, you have live no crab, and please come to the store. We will be waiting.