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We give important person enjoying taste of Hyousetsu-no-mon at home


Another 19 live blue king crab!

It was left 19 of them received live blue king crab last this season.
We act violently with water tank lively.
Power is strong, and blue king crab has a sharp splinter than king crab as well as king crab and is hurt when careless. Hair crab is subdued.

Please have at this opportunity.


The last arrival, blue king crab in this season!

The last blue king crab in this season entered this morning from Nemuro.
We had you enjoy the scenery blue king crab summer than the middle of July, but are finally finished.
Bamboo steamer steaming of live blue king crab always did it, but, in this year when we increased one water tank, we laid emphasis from usual and worked. Thanks to you, we have you please with all of you and are glad.
We get appreciation in blessings of nature when we offer crab giving life to every day. We match hand with tile of ten thousand soul memorial services of household Shinto altar and do business every morning.
We keep limited nature, fishing season and pray for what it lasts by severe management in the future and can enjoy.


Akkeshi Daikoku (Daikoku) saury

From Akkeshi fishermen's cooperative association which is taken care of in winter season, we have you send seasonal saury now. Ryoshi examined closely with saury produced around Daikokujima (Daikoku asks); is good. How about fresh saury sashimi which appeared of fat?