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We give important person enjoying taste of Hyousetsu-no-mon at home


Is it autumn significantly? Then there is not and is early winter.

Roadside tree is autumn red, yellow and color noticeably. There is day less than 10 degrees Celsius, too, and morning and evening fire stove! We have not turned on home yet. (where you can endure power saving, knob oil ... to)
... this year when yellow figure which floats in the morning sun while there is tree of excellent ginkgo and goes to our office in the morning when we see 7 chome side from street of 7 and 8 of main street park admires unintentionally
Have not reached puberty yet, but as for this year in photograph. We cheat for news if we come out well.
It is season of "tara" soon. We close tarano kelp and we quit tachino tempura and are tachino stewed foods ..., delicious season pop.


Really in autumn!

It is Sapporo where heat until September completely became incredibly in autumn.
Main street park which did well by Octoberfest returned to quiet appearance.
From now on climactic series. Partner of October 17 fighters first match?
They win by all means, and the Japan Series nito Sapporo citizen, citizen of unpleasant Hokkaido pray.