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We give important person enjoying taste of Hyousetsu-no-mon at home


Cold day continues

In Sapporo, the first snow of the year becomes lingering snow in December of this year, and it rains snow well for these past several days; road in the city
There is place where the snow removing does not catch up with, and narrow soft and smooth road surface ..., car movement is the situation to need normal double.
Subway is recommended to movement in the city.


Year-end party, Christmas, ...

Election is finished, too.
We cut rear half moon this year. Are there all of you whom there is election, and year-end party was postponed till? There is still day having a lot of seats. We would appreciate notification.

Customer of sightseeing thinks whether it is visit this week from Friday to Christmas Eve for 21 days, too.
Private room was filled up, but would appreciate your asking as we open shop from noon.

One-day customer came the other day from Kobe in LCC. We came to eat crab in Hyousetsu-no-mon! We had this say. We can come casually when we use LCC well. It is these days to feel that this is said and changed in the times.


It is snowy from the afternoon

Snow fell well today from the afternoon.
Chitose Airport was closed because of snow from the evening and heard from customer who had making a reservation as we were not able to go. We felt that I am sorry, but were somewhat today to have you say that you saw opportunity again, and to think that fortunate.
There seems to be influence in aviation diamond in news tomorrow. We pray that customer having making a reservation can come safely somehow.

The first heap of year-end parties was today yesterday. It is concentration, but as private room has room in weekday, we relax slowly and can use by all means on Friday and Saturday.