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We give important person enjoying taste of Hyousetsu-no-mon at home


Festival snowy February!

It is snow Festival from next week.
We come to shop every morning through way (Kita-odori Ave.) of the main street park side. We considerably produce the completion, citizen snow image, and large snow image starts, too.
Temperature rises from today, and will it be with temperature of March for one day tomorrow? Snow image should not melt.
You come to many customers every year.
We have a lot of reservations this year.
Customer who has not had a reservation yet would appreciate your confirming seat on the telephone before it is come.


A Happy New Year

We would like this year.

We have customer who came from December write "happy message".
We add up on December 25. We had including indication of point where message and we who were nice did not reach 359 all of you. We offer my gratitude some other time.
We present hair crab to ten people a month to customer who had you write by lot. I will inform customer elected this time some other time.

We are going to continue "happy message" in future.
Ask occasion, person in charge come to.

It is usually business for New Year holidays. We are waiting for visit.