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We give important person enjoying taste of Hyousetsu-no-mon at home


Blue king crab entered

Live ga of blue king crab entered for the first time this year from Nemuro. Model is not big yet
It is female crab (mother) of a little less than 1kg. You make bamboo steamer steaming after taking order, and please have. It is seasonal goods until the middle of September.


It is appearance of new menu

We start premium three large crab that upgraded Hyosetsu three biggest crab course of the popularity first from July 7. Please see crab course dishes by all means.

Deep-fried food of Delicious lunch is crab cream croquette. We received opinion than customer when it allowed you to order in one piece of article as crab cream croquette was delicious.
Words that we are thankful for. We consider promptly.