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We give important person enjoying taste of Hyousetsu-no-mon at home


Snow Festival is over, too; ...

Snow Festival is finished; and one week.
Day of looking like snow continues.
We have large snow, and customer who had making a reservation cannot come to Honshu for 2 consecutive weeks either
The situation that there is manner of speaking if sorry. The snow adds to the Sapporo city in snowstorm for these past several days
So that road is rough, and, as for the car, it does not fall down traffic jam tendency, to walk either; is ... soon
Want to be warm early; these days.

Daikoku hair crab of Akkeshi was received at this time, but seems to become late this year every year.
In addition, Eastern Hokkaido is stormy, and fishing in a series of ga is in a state doing not always go as we want, too. We hope that next week begins.