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We give important person enjoying taste of Hyousetsu-no-mon at home


The arrival of YOSAKOI season

Is hot Sapporo, but last night is drizzle. It is hot, but becomes northern country, chilly air indeed at night in the daytime.
The top of summer festival of Sapporo, good point thick so orchid Festival begin on June 4. Person who is not looked at thinks that he/she experiences by all means.
It is with so orchid having thick good point in Hokkaido major shrine festival, Sapporo city jazz, Odori beer garden and Sapporo where is crowded summer event in river.
It was season when you could enjoy various things incidentally of sightseeing.


Lilac Festival

May is the middle, too.
May of Hokkaido is time when weather is variable, but around 10 degrees Celsius and stove still play an active part this year on the next day when difference of heat and cold greatly went up to 25 degrees Celsius.
In ..., now, main street park getting cold, lilacs are at their best at time when chill in the lilac season ..., lilac blooms, and lilac festival is performed until 23rd.


Golden Week

Golden Week began.
It is shorter than consecutive holidays and last year, but Honshu, visits of customer from foreign countries increase this year for four days from tomorrow
We think of this.
Cherry blossoms of Sapporo of this year are at the climax now. Many citizens seem to go to Maruyama-koen Park the day after tomorrow tomorrow.
In addition, plum begins to bloom, and Hiraoka Park in Kiyota-ku seems to do well for Golden Week, too.
It is springlike Sapporo at a stretch from usual. Flower is discussed the rights and wrongs of cherry blossoms, plum, magnolia ... at a time in Sapporo to be able to enjoy

Fishing of Daikoku hair crab is finished. There are nine of them to water tank of Hyousetsu-no-mon now.
When you come, please have.