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We give important person enjoying taste of Hyousetsu-no-mon at home


Blue king crab

Blue king crab of this year reaches time of the end soon, too.
You would send rear one or two times if lucky and, too.
Blue king crab of this year had you ate mainly on large thing more than 1kg and met and send thing of ten minutes from Nemuro and had you please with.
However, price goes up blue king crab, and price improves all the crab. 1.6 of last year doubled, and hair crab in particular was summer when the stocking was great. We had all of business partners try so hard that it was not out of stock somehow and provided hair crab of high quality to customer every day. Cost price rate of August was record-breaking number, but feels temporarily relieved as we were able to keep appearance as store specializing in crab dishes. We appreciate that we have you update the best in the past 4 years and support consumption of hair crab of August.

September begins, and autumn tourist season starts. Visits of personal customer increase from last year when we look back on one week in September. We will try to be able to provide crab dishes to be satisfied with every day.
We would appreciate your coming to the store with thanks for summer visit sequentially in autumn.