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We give important person enjoying taste of Hyousetsu-no-mon at home


Sapporo, ... of noticeably in the evening in the morning autumn sign

Autumn of Sapporo
・We yearn for stove (kerosene of this year rises in price and endures inevitable ..., patience)
・Information for car ... from repair shop, tire exchange needs reservations. Please make a reservation early.
 It is the fact every year that there are many people doing tire exchange on seeing snow in a hurry, but in factory already
 Exchange starts.

Autumn of soot keno
 Scale raises whenever we chase festival age in autumn of autumn charming sights main street park of Sapporo
 It was great turnout. Harvest festival of Hokkaido is delicious autumn. Therefore, soot keno
 There are few customers and is said to be festival in inshokutennaki kaseno autumn.
 We share time, and red brick terrace opens in Hokkaido Prefectural Government neighborhood this year, and here does well very much, too.
 Soot keno is ... more and more

 Customer who is our restaurant in soot keno, but have crab, and comes with grace state particularly
 The number of customers making a reservation in individuals is a lot from usual days of thanks.
 Thank you.