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We give important person enjoying taste of Hyousetsu-no-mon at home


Information of boshinnenkai

It was time of information of boshinnenkai.
It is the same as in the past and we attach all-you-can-drink for two hours and do pricing, but the price of crab rises an average of about 30% this year in comparison with last year, and offer with special price becomes difficult. In addition, we may grow annual expenditure of 2.5 million yen by raise of electric bill of Hokkaido Electric Power and it is these days to think about up of menu price to maintain appropriate profit, but will try hard at the current situation price.
Dark story to here.
Even if the price of crab rose, customer prepared so that it might be come when and completed king crab, snow crab of high quality by fishing in autumn.

In addition, on November 16, we publish the course price of with all-you-can-drink in homepage.