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We give important person enjoying taste of Hyousetsu-no-mon at home


Live hair crab disappeared!

Live hair crab disappeared from market of Hokkaido for a little over one week of fishing start of Nemuro sea area from the last week in May when fishing of Okhotsk sea area was finished.
There is nowhere even if we hear toward the manufacturer making a deal! We were upset a little, but provided as we stocked a little too much without causing customer trouble.
Fishing starts on June 4 in Nemuro sea area. It is received from 5th, but price usually soars near the twice the price. We wish that we want you to calm down early.

In last December, quantity of crab in Hokkaido decreases since Japan and Russia smuggling, effect of prevention of poaching agreement, and it is said that influence is big in Hakodate, main fishing port including Wakkanai.
If it is effective agreement for resource conservation and quantity of sold crab decreases temporarily, but takes a long view
We think to be right approach to lead to being able to enjoy crab without drying up.
We want to cooperate with resource conservation in spite of being poor ability as store specializing in crab dishes.