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We give important person enjoying taste of Hyousetsu-no-mon at home


About dishes, change of price

Do not want to pile up looking like snow ... today, but ...

On April 1, it becomes new price. We pushed forward work toward change, but we made a reservation after April, and we preceded, and a lot of inquiries published course dishes, lunch menu now. We wrote to crab course, lunch course from "April 1". We think that it is hard to know a little, but would like.
In addition, we will tell about one piece of article dishes, Dinner soon.

The price of Live hair crab in comparison with three years ago, as for 65%, king crab 70%, snow crab is 33% of rises. We reviewed all out of necessity this time.
About course contents, we did our best to be able to enjoy crab dishes more than before, but impression that there is not would appreciate reserve from all of you.
We would appreciate your understanding.


Spring long in coming

March begins, and cold day continues, and cancelled flight occurs successively, and, on 6th, it is rain, but temperature goes up, and maple of roadside tree in front of shop begins to send out buds, and Chitose Airport lets you feel that it is near in spring by heavy snow again ..., today, too.

It is spring long in coming, but is spring headache.
It is crab offering to customer every day, but there is price hike in the situation that it does not fall down even if the future may go up without stopping and we tried hard by price deferment until the snow festival end somehow while it rose, but are in a state that price cannot but revise more from last autumn.
We are pushing forward preparations by enforcement by price revision now from April 1.
・We beat every possible our brains in order to express offer, price of delicious crab or more valuable contents.
We publish dishes contents in homepage as soon as it is decided.
We would appreciate your understanding.