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We give important person enjoying taste of Hyousetsu-no-mon at home


Announcement of change of business hours

Letter of Sakura of the whole country plays in news every day, but is forecast that Sapporo hastens a little from usual. We think that famous spot of cherry tree Maruyama-koen Park shows turnout for Golden Week.

Well, we revised menu grander than April 1 and raised price. We took pains when we express value price or more how, but we have you say that it is more delicious than customer who used and are relieved. We think that customers of the use still increase from Golden Week in less than one week. We would appreciate opinion that does not have reserve.

We did reception that was very rude to customer who came last night before 21:30. We changed order from April 1 at raising 21:30 for 30 minutes in the last, but indication switching of business hours of homepage was late, and it was at 22:00. We apologize on this occasion.
I'm sorry.

At last switching was over today.
It was order 21:30 in the last from April 1. Closure did not change with 23:00, but brought forward for 30 minutes to have you have course dishes.
We would appreciate your understanding.