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We give important person enjoying taste of Hyousetsu-no-mon at home


It is Sapporo of chill in the lilac season

Hot day continued in the end of May, and lilac Festival was blessed with good weather, but day when there was not in sunny interval not to reach 20 degrees Celsius continued afterwards. Day that it was fine weather without cloud after a long absence today, but wind does not strongly go up temperature, and is slightly chilly.
For these past several days, there might have been many families who put on stove at night.

It is YOSAKOI so orchid Festival until 12th than June 8. It rains by all means every year at time of yosakoi. Well, how about this year? We think of this.

We reach tourist season in June and have a lot making a reservation. On visit, we recommend that it is reserved seat.
I take out Noodle by tightening of shabu-shabu by menu revision newly in April. We work on the kitchen every day when in more delicious Noodle. In occasion of visit, please try once.