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We give important person enjoying taste of Hyousetsu-no-mon at home


It is during the blue king crab arrival.

It is season of summer crab blue king crab.
We put male blue king crab from Russia in early this month, but female blue king crab produced in Nemuro is entering now.
It is around 8,000 yen at a little less than 1kg. (mother)
Of course live desu.

Is there Hanasaki on visit? Where does this crab come from?


It is Sapporo of weather in the summer

It is hot ... and the summer arrival to feel when we exceed 25 degrees Celsius for person from Sapporo.
Annual Odori beer garden opens from July 20. It is long run of about one month.
It is 13,000 seats and super big beer garden in main street park. We completely colonize as summer feature of Sapporo.
As for another summer event, celebrity musician others, 350 sets of artists are events that this developing performance everywhere completely settled in in concept in "it is in town of jazz Sapporo" of SAPPORO CITY JAZZ 2007 start every year.
During period of from July 9 to August 12, Sapporo is wrapped in jazz.