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We give important person enjoying taste of Hyousetsu-no-mon at home


Cold Sapporo

It is Sapporo of this year without autumn. Snow good enough the other day is still left.
In the Minami-5-jo Street popular name Maple Street, Kaede is roadside tree according to in front of shop.
Before leaf of Kaede being scattered when it becomes at the end of autumn, and morning and evening cleaning being great, but being scattered this year every year
It snows, and cleaning becomes slightly troublesome.

It is rainy today. It seems to snow in Sapporo by very rough weather forecast very much from tonight tomorrow.

Days that November begins, and cold day continues, and are hard without stove. Still we appreciate that you come every day.
The price of hair crab will rise every year from November. Tokachi, hair crab of the Kushiro area arrive every day, but price is rising now!
We think that it becomes higher, but offer by price deferment.

In the case of visit of seat recommend making a reservation.