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We give important person enjoying taste of Hyousetsu-no-mon at home


The year-end and New Year guidance

There became a few more this year.
In Sapporo, there is influence in means of transportation by heavy snow from yesterday. Heavy snow that December begins and is the second time. In December
Memory does not have that we were piled up like this, and influence seems to leave for the suspension of service of airplane, means of transportation including suspension of JR today tomorrow.

We have a lot of year-end and New Year reservations, and, depending on day, there is on day when we cannot prepare for seat.
Please refer early. (one to inquire on the telephone more directly than email is early)

The year-end and New Year business is usual business until January 3.
We let you assume closed on January 4, 5th and have
We should usually from January 6 do business.
Thank you in advance.