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We give important person enjoying taste of Hyousetsu-no-mon at home


Soon in summer

So run having thick good point is finished, and Hokkaido major shrine festival is over in this week, too. It is Sapporo of early summer and place where we want to go, but top and bottom of temperature is big and thinks that there are many homes where even lower gattatokoromoattaride, Sapporo use stove for below the freezing point in morning and evening in the day before yesterday.
It is these days to think that warm day stably wants you to follow soon.

It is the middle in June, and hair crab fishing moved to the Pacific coast, but high price stability state continues.
The price of hair crab rises and is afraid what happens after this every year.
Hanasaki crabbing begins in the middle of July, too, this year?
There is little Hanasaki of big model and became the end in early September, but expects in unloading in this year last year.