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We give important person enjoying taste of Hyousetsu-no-mon at home


March is the middle, too

Cold day to cry in usual continued in this winter, but it was in sunlight to come here, and to finally feel spring.
There is hole in influence of cold or road and is in a state that unevenness is hard to run a lot, repair advances every day, and we admire the speed of correspondence, and ... is just highway this year.
By April, it is usual that snow completely disappears (the Sapporo city)

It is season when Daikoku hair crab of Eastern Hokkaido Akkeshi enters at this time, but still never sees this year following last year. It is with poor catch when we call toward the fishermen's cooperative association.
Earnings of hair crab decrease whenever we repeat age, and price rises, too. We are afraid what happens after this.
Fishing is carried out in Eastern Hokkaido, Kushiro jurisdiction at the current time and is received every day.
We contact production center every day that course with hair crab becomes more popular and, anyway, does not run out of hair crab from evening of last year.
We hope that we can continue eating delicious hair crab.