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We give important person enjoying taste of Hyousetsu-no-mon at home


Good point thick so orchid Festival

It was season of good point thick so orchid Festival this year.
It is the same as in the past and is tomorrow and forecast of rain today in ... this year when it starts raining during period when good point is thick.
When good point is thick, but is over; Hokkaido major shrine festival.
When it is Hokkaido major shrine feast day, summer of Sapporo becomes public performance, too.

Good point thick so orchid festival is the 27th in this year. Began; kindergarten, student of elementary school participate in festival at first, too, and think back that was civic festival. Music becomes professional specifications, too, and clothes become estranged with citizen recently, too; ... (is just personal opinion). Put aims together that all of local groups of Hokkaido asks for good point and worships, and there is place where we raise town and work on and thinks that it is in its own right meaningful festival.

When July begins; season of blue king crab. How about this year? We are interested in this.
Blue king crab arrives from Nemuro by direct shipment every year.
We will tell as soon as we enter. (after the middle of July?)
Summer crab until September. In being able to enjoy soon.