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First king crab story

Crab restaurant began in this way

Founding of "Hyousetsu-no-mon" is 1964. It is story before little.
Founder, Kikuji Shindo founded "the corner dealer of eel" by soot keno in 1957.
However, in the eel shop, winter is free. We asked for each person who met somehow whether there was not material which could pull in customers in winter.

One day after having talk to brother-in-law who did fisherman; "have eaten king crab which fisherman ate at the beach? Delicious! If do king crab of "straight" in charcoal‐broiled and pan, there is not such a delicious thing; in the one is.
"This may be good!"
Kikuji who flashed so jumped onto train promptly and went to Eastern Hokkaido.

Even if place further looks for where in Wakkanai and production center of Northern Hokkaido Kushiro, Nemuro, king crab is not found at all. We were not found even if we walked around not only restaurant but also market.
Produced king crab does not appear in general market when we hear and is what shut all itself up, and is exported.

King crab was under management control of the government to export to foreign country in canned foods as foreign currency acquisition product precious after the war. Therefore because gross quantity almost canned, by the 30, Showa generation, we were caught, and we were exported.

Net nihikkakarru nuisance handling that it seemed to be rare that expensive "canned crab" enters Japanese mouth, but catches cod which was the main force as the name of "king crab" shows before that. At the time of clogging, there were few even people that king crab did not circulate and knew.

It is encounter with one industry again

Still Kikuji completely at a loss could not get over and talked with Tatsuo Hamamori of the Mayor of Wakkanai.

When he was member of Hokkaido assembly, Hamamori got to know in Sapporo and was Kikuji which had wedding ceremony attend.
Then Mayor Hamamori introduced President Okamoto of one (mataichi) industry again.

In addition, it was supplier of Wakkanai that one industry displayed shoulders in major company from the times when king crab was under management of the government, and sold king crab.

In addition, king crab which we searched so much and were not able to find one was loaded like mountain in big factory when we heard from one industry. And we ate king crab of "straight" for the first time.

Kikuji inspired by the taste wanted to make shop which could give this somehow or other.

Crab restaurant began in this way

We were able to hear story from Saburo Okamoto who was one industrial executive managing director at the time of in sons of President Okamoto again last year.

"One day Mayor Hamamori and Shindo come over and say, "we want you to distribute king crab". We did talk that we sold king crab other than the canned foods for the first time and were surprised.

We say "is it not so all right if we pack in ice so in this way?" if we hear, "we carry how".
I see. It is dangerous by freezing at the time, but even packing in ice is surely all right to Sapporo, and the is good for quality. We were surprised that we were thinking to there.

kani Packing in ice takes effort, and there is little quantity, and it was story that does not do business, but it is advertised Wakkanai, and it will be said that it may be interesting by new challenge if we make house.

Therefore story to "make shop which king crab could eat in Sapporo anytime" though it was thing which did not eat very much in hometown either was groundbreaking. Everybody sympathized with such a romance at that time"

It is encounter with one industry again

Way to king crab was opened in this way.
We study recipe of king crab from there and look for store when we have confidence.

After prospect being in sight, and reporting to Mayor Hamamori, we gave store's name by handwriting saying "we should do in the name called "Hyousetsu-no-mon" because it was shop which dealt with king crab".

"Hyousetsu-no-mon" which is known to the whole country as memorial service monument of death in battle young girl seeing Karafuto from small hill of Wakkanai far. We gave mere restaurant this venerable name with expectation.

Crab restaurant began in this way

It is 1964 in that way.
"Hyousetsu-no-mon" started as store specializing in one national just king crab dish in basement of building of soot keno.

King crab dishes which symbolized Hokkaido caused reputation from not only Sapporo but also tourist, and the shop of 30 tsubos became small immediately. We get 2-story shop and move to the current ground three years later.

The times are right the period of high growth. "Hyousetsu-no-mon" becomes that we meet sightseeing needs to upsize and we do soon and next enlarge annex. Furthermore, we open new building of the theater restaurant format to have you do meal while also enjoying so orchid clause and dance in Japan.
Neon of crab that three formed a line became symbol of "Hyousetsu-no-mon".

Customer who popular, still misses those days comes a lot to theater greeting customer who can come from the whole country in meal and dance and witty hosts.
Current shop did three stores where we lined up aside in 1990 in one building.

It is encounter with one industry again

On the other hand, as Japanese fishing boat had been barred in 200 nautical miles regulation of 1977, king crab crabbing turned into import from the Soviet Union, but that was the Soviet Union collapse in 1991, and the situation changed completely.

Contract is not fulfilled, and poaching ship strides. We came to catch to small crab and female exhaustively, and the drying up of resources became remarkable in a short term.

Therefore, in "Hyousetsu-no-mon", we changed mainly on Alaska product for high quality crab and the stable stocking. With thing of Bering sea area, it is high king crab of evaluation most now in market. Resource management is severe, and unloading is permitted only crab which it gave life to in Dutch Harbor of port.

We stock thing which Japanese engineers are there resident and managed from sorting to freeze, boxing.
In late years Russia started resource management, too, but king crab is exposed to decrease in resources and remarkable rises of price now.

Crab restaurant began in this way

It is said that king crab takes 8 years until we grow up into 2kg size that we use mainly.
In the customer, "crab is granted understanding with point called resources" and prays when we can enjoy this taste with for a long time.

Mind of founding will be devoted with employee for "having more customers eat crab more delicious than anywhere else" from now on.

We sincerely will hope to have your continued guidance and patronage in future.

January, 2012
President Koji Shindo